Venezuela and Guyana

July-August 1994

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The highlight of this trip was the nature in Venezuela and Guyana, especially the waterfalls.
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  1. Caracas: + PLaza O'Leary, ++Capitolio, +Avenida Sabana Grande
  2. Flight to Canaima
  3. Excursion to Angel falls: Boat 3 hrs, walk 30', boat back, camp, boat back
  4. Excursion to Sapo and +kavak
  5. Flight to Puerto Ordas, bus to Ciudad Guyana, "porpuesto" a Barrancas
  6. Smugglers run boats to the end of the Orinoco delta, eg Bellavista (12 hrs), get exit stamp in Curiago (but most boats don't stop there)
  7. From there other smugglers run boats to Guyana: 14 hrs to Kumaka (big turtles) via Wini Beach and Morewhana
  8. From Kumaka one can fly (Mabaruna airport) or take another boat (24 hours) to Georgetown
  9. Georgetown: +St George Cathedral (Water Hotel, +Caribbean Rose restaurant)
  10. Flight to Kajetur ($200) organized by the Tower Hotel
  11. +++Kajetur falls
  12. +Orindurik falls


Trip difficulty: moderate to difficult
Length: 20 days
Season: Year-round
  • Pictures of Venezuela
  • Pictures of Guyana
  • TM, ®, Copyright © 1999 all rights reserved.