Venezuela and Colombia

July 1992

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The highlights of this trip were the natural wonders of Venezuela and the ancient ruins of the Ciudad Perdida in Colombia.
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  1. Caracas
  2. Bus to Parlomar
  3. Parlomar, ferry to Cumana
  4. Bus to Caripe, porpuesto a Cueva del Guacharo
  5. Porpuesto a Tucupita
  6. Porpuesto a Ciudad Bolivar
  7. Flight to ++Angel Falls
  8. Flight to Merida
  9. Merida: ++Teleferico
  10. Bus to Valera, Trujillo, Maracaibo
  11. Maracaibo: +Paseo
  12. +Laguna
  13. Bus to the border and on to Santa Marta
  14. +Santa Marta (pretty caribbean town)
  15. 4-day trek to Ciudad Perdida
  16. +++Ciudad Perdida
  17. Bus to Barranquilla


Trip difficulty: moderate to strenous
Length: 20 days
Season: Oct-May
  • Pictures of Venezuela
  • Pictures of Colombia
  • Map to Ciudad Perdida:
  • TM, ®, Copyright © 1999 all rights reserved.