Aug-Sep (after the rain season)

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The highlights of this trip are the Angel Falls (the tallest waterfalls in the world), the indio villages of the Orinoco delta, the hike to Mt Roraima (the most famous tepui).
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  1. Caracas
  2. Isla Margarita beach or western beaches
  3. Bus to Tucupina
  4. Orinoco Delta
  5. Orinoco Delta
  6. Bus to Ciudad Bolivar, fly to Canaima
  7. Canaima
  8. Boat trip to Salto del Angel
    • Boat trip on the Acanan river to Arenal camp
    • Boat trip on the Carrao river to Iwana Meru camp
    • Boat trip on the Churun river to the Base Camp
    • Hiking to Salto Angel (1,5 hours)
    • Boat trip downstream on the river Carrao to Canaima
  9. Fly to Ciudad Bolivar
  10. Hike Mt Roraima
    • Bus to Sta. Elena
    • Drive to San Francisco de Yuruani (paved road) and then (dirt road) on to a village called Parai Tepui.
    • Hiking to Kukenan River (5 hrs.)
    • Hiking to Base Camp (2.600 meters), at the foot of the Roraima (4,5 hrs.)
    • Ascend to the plateau of Monte Roraima (4,5 hrs.)
    • Exploring the Roraima (carnivorous plants, orchids, rock formations, waterfalls)
    • Hiking back to the Tek River (7,5 hrs.)
    • Hiking to Parai Tepui and drive to Santa Elena (3,5hrs.)
  11. Hike to Auyan tepui, where Salto del Angel originates
    • Flight from Ciudad Bolívar to Kavak.
    • Hiking from Kavak to Guarayaca (6 hours), with several river crossings. After crossing the Okono-River: Guaracaya Camp.
    • Ascent to the second plateau El Peñon (7 hrs.), from savannah to dense jungle. El Peñón is a gigantic overhanging rock
    • Ascent Auyan Tepui up to El Oso (7,5 hours), climbing on rocky terrain to the top of the tepuy.
    • Hiking from El Oso to Campo Lecho (4 hours),
    • Hiking from Campo Lecho to El Oso (4 hours)
    • Descent from El Oso to El Peñon (6 hours)
    • Descent from El Peñon to Uruyen (8 hours), through Guarayaca, the Río Ocoñe, a small Indian village and the river Uruyen.
    • Hiking from Uruyen to Kavak (3 hours).
    • Flight to Ciudad Bolívar.
    • Drive to Kamarata
  12. Bus to Sta Elena
  13. Flight to Ciudad Bolivar to Caracas


Trip difficulty: moderate to strenuous
Season: September-May
Length: 25 days
Approximate cost: $3,000
  • Pictures of Venezuela
  • Pictures of Guyana
  • The Orinoco delta measures about 20 Miles across and forms a labyrinth of countless islands and channels, which are inhabited by Moriche indios who have built stilts and walk-ways throughout the area. Tucupita (3 hours by car) is the capital and 80 kms south Barrancas is the last outpost before the sea.
  • Monte Roraima (also known as the "lost world") is the tallest tepuy (3000 meters), situated at the border of Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil. Hiking up takes 12 hours, usually done in two days.
  • Salto del Angel (Angel Falls, 972 meters) is the tallest waterfall in the world. They originate from the Ayuan tepui, which can be reached by boat from Canaima or on foot from the other side. To climb to the top of Ayuan Tepui, the hike begins either at Uruyen or Kavack and takes several days (30-40 hours of actual walking). While i usually recommend NOT to travel to rain forests during the rain season (mosquitoes), this is one case where the opposite applies: during the dry season, there is very little water and there might be no waterfall at all.
  • Rain season is May-November.
  • Canaima is the world's largest national park. Mt Roraima requires 3 days and only dec-mar (dry season) otherwise you can't cross the creeks (unless you're a bird) very hot at the bottom but freezing cold at the top and you'll get completely wet even in the dry season

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