September 11 - October 2

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The highlights of this trip is the civilization of Yemen.
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  1. ++Sana'a (the largest preserved medina in the Arab world, central market, Souq al-Milh, Al-Jami' al-Kabir great mosque built around 630AD)
  2. Fly to Seiyun
  3. Seiyun/Seyun (capital of Kathiri Sultanate)
  4. Tarim (365 mosques, al-Muhdar minaret, Al-Ahqaf library)
  5. ++Shibam (500 traditional-style high-rise buildings crammed into half a square km)
  6. Fly to Sanaa
  7. +Wadi Dahr rock palace
  8. +Jibla (+Queen Arwa mosque) and +Ibb
  9. Other attractions: friday market at Bayt al-Faqih, +AL Hajjarah fortified village, Manakha, Ta'izz (medieval capital), Aden, Marib (100 kms east of Sana, capital of the ancient kingdom of Sheba/Saba, Temple of Bilqis 400BC, Great Dam of Ma'rib 700BC), +Al-Mukalla , Shaharah's fortified village, +Haid Al-Jazil village


Trip difficulty: moderate
Length: 7 days
Season: Spring or Fall
Approximate cost: $500
  • Sanaa hotel: +Al Shamiri ($11).
  • Yemen is one of the few countries where an organized tour is advisable because the tourist needs a tour permit (written in Arabic). Airports and police checkpoint will check your itinerary.
  • $1-185YR
  • Yemenia Airlines is excellent.
  • Seyoun is the airport for Shibam and Tarim. The flight Sanaa-Seyoun is about $90 each way. Hotel Al-Barj $11. Shibam has no hotels. Shibam is about 30 minutes from Seyoun. Tarim is a further 20 minutes.
  • There is no crime in Yemen
  • Credit cards and traveler cheques are accepted only at major hotels
  • The road to Ibb is an attraction in itself (a steep descent into a valley)
  • Everybody chews qat (a mild drug). The problem is that they do it also when they drive.
  • If you only have a few days, focus on the villages in the north.
  • TM, ®, Copyright © 1999 all rights reserved.