Guided Hiking/Nature Trips in Califoria

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  • Who we are: experienced hikers who have lived in California for decades
  • What we do:
    • We pick you up
    • We take you there
    • We hike with you, showing you famous and hidden treasures
    • All the hikes are designed by legendary hiker Piero Scaruffi (google him)
  • What you need: a backpack, food, drinks and good hiking shoes
  • How much it costs you: we charge you the cost of renting the car (that we get at a discount price), park fees (sometimes free because we have the national park pass), gasoline, and $50/hour for the driver/guide (which is divided by the number of people).

This season's specials

A suggested calendar

  • Snow melts in June/July on the Sierra
  • Chances of thunderstorm and avalanche increase in September on the mountains (earlier on Shasta)
  • There can be heavy fog along the coast in the summer
  • The landscape of the Bay Area "burns" in the summer
  • After the snow and ice have melted, the danger of loose rocks increases exponentially on glaciers
  • After several months of no rain, lower-altitude areas (e.g. Yosemite) have no waterfalls, lakes, etc, thus not really worth it
  • Days are longer in June and July and become much shorter from september on (which means shorter time for completing the hike and temperature drop at higher elevation)

Hike Best season Worst season Difficulty
Pt Reyes Winter Summer *
Sweeney Ridge Winter Summer *
Anything on the coast Winter Summer *
Death Valley Spring Summer *
Mt Tamalpais Spring, Fall Summer *
Mission Peak, Ohlone Wilderness Spring, Fall Summer *
Portola Redwoods Spring, Fall, Winter Summer *
Big Basin Spring, Fall, Winter Summer *
Yosemite High Country Jun-Jul Sep **
Mt Shasta Jun-Jul Aug-Sep *****
Yosemite Valley (Half Dome, El Capitan) Jun-Jul Sep ***
Mt Williamson Jul 1-15 Winter *****
Kings Canyon and Western Sierra Jul-Aug Winter ****
Mt Whitney Jul-Aug Winter *****
All other Eastern Sierra Jul-Aug Winter *****

Ulysses Travel Travel (E-mail)