How it works

  • Format your text in Winword or directly in PDF format. We recommend you select page size 5.5x8.5", which is the cheapest and fastest format.
  • Design your front and back cover with Photoshop or any other publishing software and produce a cover in one of these formats: jpg, tiff.
  • Email us both the Winword file (or PDF) and the cover files.
  • We print it and mail it to your house (USA, Western Europe, Far East, Latin America, etc)
  • The cover is usually the most difficult part for a self-publishing author. If you have a simple design in mind, we can probably help you create the cover.

    We are also a publisher

  • We can also obtain an ISBN for you, and provide a bar code (Bookland EAN format, price code 90000, magnification 100%), which makes it possible for booksellers such as to list your book.
  • We can sell your book through a number of channels.

    Who we are

  • We are ourselves authors who have gone through this process for their own books. We are basically providing you with the knowledge that we acquired over the years NOT from the side of the printer/publisher but from the side of the author.
  • We use a number of printers located in different cities and countries to optimize quality and (most importantly) price. If you live in Ohio and want a hardcover book, we use a certain printer. If you live in Europe and want a large softcover book, we use another printer. Etc.
  • Feel free to ask our advice on your needs. For example, the most frequently asked question is "Do I need an ISBN"? Most of our competitors would say yes, we say no: the vast majority of self-published authors does not sell a single copy through bookstores or online stores: they only sell through their own marketing. For most self-publishing authors, an ISBN is a cost that brings zero benefits. Print your book at the lowest cost, then market it yourself. If it sells well, you can then approach a traditional publisher and have them market your book. They will re-publish it. In this whole process, you never need an ISBN. You do need an ISBN only if you want to sell the book through a bookstore or online store (that will give you a tiny percentage of the sale price), which makes sense only if someone is investing a lot in publicizing your book.
  • How much does it cost?

    Unless you request otherwise, we print your book on the most common paper stock for paperbacks (#60 white offset paper, black ink, perfect binding) and with a simple color cover. Our preferred format is 5.5 x 8.5" because it minimizes costs.

    Note: Prices vary wildly from week to week. They can easily go up 100% or down 100% within a few days. We recommend that you ask for a quote when you are ready to print the book.

    If you would like a custom quote, write to us. Please specify:

    • page size (cheapest is 5.5 x 8.5"),
    • number of black and white pages in the book,
    • number of copies you would like to print,
    • address where they will need to be shipped (state, country)
    • a brief description of the content (we do not print inflamatory or pornographic material)
    • if any color pages, number of color pages
    The cover and back page are color pages, and you don't need to count them.

    Some approximate prices (not including shipping) for the most common formats (as of november 2009):

    • Up to 150 pages, 250 copies: $2.54 per book
    • Up to 250 pages, 200 copies: $4.40 per book
    • Up to 250 pages, 500 copies: $2.25 per book
    • Up to 300 pages, 200 copies: $5.02 per book
    • Up to 300 pages, 500 copies: $2.59 per book
    • Up to 400 pages, 200 copies: $6.60 per book
    • Up to 400 pages, 500 copies: $3.39 per book
    Add about 20% to account for taxes and last-minute fees. Prices vary based on your location (the printers are located in several countries, including India and China) and the format of your book. Ask about shipping options and costs. Costs vary depending on your location and speed of delivery.

    We reserve the right to decline any manuscript. No material containing pornographic content or hate content is acceptable. By requesting a quote, you assume responsibility for the copyright of the material.