Ivor Cutler
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Ivor Cutler is an eccentric Scottish Jew (born in 1923), who was already in his middle-age years when he began to write poetry (1965) and compose music. Later, he will also write theatrical plays.

His first album, Who Tore Your Trousers (Decca, 1961), featured Cutler simply reading his own poems, fables, parables either a-cappella or accompanied by his harmonium. Ludo (Parlophone, 1967) was a collection of 17 brief pieces for harmonium, bass and percussion, a prelude to Dandruff (Virgin, 1974) that contains 45 pieces for harmonium. Velvet Donkey (Virgin, 1975) features Fred Frith on viola on a few of its 31 pieces. These two are probably his musical masterpieces. Another 31-piece collection, Jammy Smears (Virgin, 1976), seemed to close his career.

Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 (Harvest, 1978 - Speakout, 1987) collects the brief namesake episodes spread around his albums.

Cutler returned after a long hiatus with Privilege (Rought Trade, 1983), accompanied by avantgarde musicians such as Steve Beresford and David Toop (sound effects) and Linda Hirst (vocals).

After Prince Ivor (Rought Trade, 1986) and Gruts (Rought Trade, 1986), Cutler seemed to disappear again. He re-surfaced with the the 83-part A Wet Handle (Creation, 1997) and the 48-part A Flat Man (Creation, 1998).

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