Gilberto Gil
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Gilberto Gil (from Bahia), who had debuted with the four-song EP Gilberto Gil (1963), had two major hits with Louvacao (1965), interpreted by Elis Regina, and Aquele Abraco (1969), besides the formative Ensaio Geral (1966), the era-defining song Domingo no Parque (1967) and the historical album Tropicalia ou Panis et Circensis (1968), before he had to leave Brazil for political reasons. During his three years of exile in Britain, he familiarized himself with rock music. When he returned to Brazil, he concocted the pop-samba-rock fusion of Expresso 2222 (1972) and Refazenda (1975). Doces Bararos (1976) was a supergroup made up of Gil, Veloso, Gal Costa and Maria Bethania. He turned to jazz with Nightingale (1978) and Realce (1979).

Now an international pop star, Gil released middle-of-the-road collections such as Luar (1981), Um Banda Um (1982), Extra (1983), and increasingly veered towards reggae and salsa. Palco (1982) was his biggest hit.

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