Juliette Greco
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Juliette Greco was a living emblem of Paris' new Boheme and the nymph of the post-war poets. Her early successes were written by poets: Raymond Queneau's Si Tu T'Imagines (1949), Julef Laforgue's L'Eternel Feminine (1951), Jacques Prevert's Je Suis Comme Je Suis (1951) and Les Feuilles Mortes (1951), all set to music by Jozsef Kosma.

Her later hits included: Charles Aznavour's Je Hais les Dimanches (1954), Guy Beart's Il N'Y A Plus d'Apres (1960), Leo Ferre's Jolie Mome (1961), Serge Gainsbourg's La Javanese (1963), Deshabillez-moi (1968), mostly characterized by a morbid eroticism.

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