Susan Christie
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Philadelphia's folksinger Susan Christie (born Beatrice Hill) had a hit with I Love Onions (1966), composed by John Hill. Her 1970 album, Paint A Lady (BMusic, 2006), produced by John Hill, remained unreleased for 36 years. These stately country ballads sounded a bit old-fashioned and naive in the age of Joni Mitchell and Laura Nyro, but their impeccable melodies and effective arrangements gave them a highly emotional value. Bill Soden wrote the bulk of the "original" material. Rainy Day (a galloping piece with strings worth of a western movie soundtrack), the martial, soaring Paint A Lady, the tender Echo In Your Mind were reminescent of bubblegum, folk-rock and Merseybeat hits of the 1960s. John Hill wrote the plaintive quasi-gospel For The Love Of A Soldier and the breezy When Love Comes. The longest track is Jim Reid's Yesterday Where's My Mind, that couples some timid psychedelic jamming and more robust blues shouting. Christie did not write any material. She was only the singer, and it is not clear why such accomplished songwriters did not use a more powerful singer. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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