Nihilist Spasm Band
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The Nihilist Spasm Band was formed in 1965 in Ontario (Canada). The members performed blues-rock and free-jazz on home-made instruments: John Boyle (on kazoo, their main instrument), John Clement (on guitar), Bill Exley (on vocals, often via megaphones), Hugh McIntyre (on gut-bucket bass and 3 string bass), Murray Favro (found percussions), Archie Leach (slide clarinet), Art Pratten (on... "prattavarious violin"). No Record (Allied Record Corporation, april 1968 - Alchemy) is the classic NSB album, displaying influences that range from New Orleans' spasm bands to Albert Ayler and Sun Ra. Volume 2 (Music Gallery Editions, 1978 - Alchemy) continued in that style. The pieces on third album 1984 (Chimik Communications, 1984) were recorded during a series of three concerts. More performances surfaced on 7X-X=X (United Dairies, 1985 - Alchemy).

Over the years, electric instruments have replaced the original acoustic tools, and the kazoos are no longer the lead instruments. Electronic manipulations of acoustic instruments were also employed.

Then came the Japanese records: What About Me (Alchemy, 1993) and Live In Japan (Alchemy, 1997), that contains noisy improvised versions of No Canada, Stupidity , Hesitation .

No Borders (Non Musica Rex, 2001) is a collaboration with jazz saxophonist Joe McPhee.

Every Monday Night (Alchemy, 2002) is surprisingly restrained and almost controlled.

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