Pip Proud
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Australian folk-singer Pip Proud recorded two albums, De Da De Dum (1967, re-recorded as Adrenaline And Richard (Polydor, 1966), and A Bird In The Engine (Polydor, 1969), and later collected on Eaglewise (1996), that predated Syd Barrett and all the other "primitivist" folksingers. His songs are bizarre, childish rants of an hallucinated mind, accompanied by an out-of-tune guitar and paced at irregular tempos. The only precedent was the acid-folk music of the Holy Modal Rounders.

One of These Days (Emperor Jones, 1999) collects unreleased tracks from 1966 and 1967. Oncer (Emperor Jones, 2000) and A Yellow Flower (Emperor Jones, 2001) mark Proud's return to music after a 30-year hiatus. But Proud is mostly reciting his lyrics over spare arrangements contributed by friends.

Catch a Cherub (Emperor Jones, 2002) is a collaboration with Charalambides' guitarist Tom Carter. Again, the recording belongs more to the arranger than to the lyricist. Carter sculpts surreal landscapes that, all in all, Proud ruins with his lifeless delivery.

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