Terry Reid
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After refusing to join Led Zeppelin, singer and guitarist Terry Reid released his solo albums Bang Bang (Columbia, 1968) and Terry Reid (Columbia, 1969), that relied mainly on covers. His voice mixed the rhythm and blues shout of Eric Burdon with a the wail of soul music.

Relocating to California, Reid reinvented himself as a folksinger with River (Atlantic, 1973), that fused country and jazz elements, and indulged in Nick Drake-ian solipsism on Seed Of Memory (ABC, 1976), perhaps his best album ever. Rogue Waves (ABC, 1979) seemed to close his career, but Reid returned after a long hiatus with The Driver (WEA, 1991), whose two singles were both covers.

Superlungs (Astralwerks, 2005) compiles songs from his first two albums.

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