Emil Richards

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Emil Richards (Emilio Radocchia), originally from New York, was a jazz vibraphonist who had played with George Shearing (1958-60) before moving to Los Angeles, where he was hired in a jazz supergroup, the Surfmen, featuring pianist Jimmy Rowles and saxophonist Paul Horn, that recorded two albums in the vein of Martin Denny's exotica: The Sounds Of Exotic Island (1960) and Hawaii (1960). He then played with Paul Horn (1960-65), Shorty Rogers (1961-62) and Frank Sinatra (1961-62) as well as in Stan Kenton's Los Angeles Neophonic Orchestra (1965) and on Frank Zappa's Lumpy Gravy (1967). As a solo artist, he made the first rock album to feature a Moog (played by Paul Beaver), New Sound Element Stones (1967), a companion to the more conventional New Time Element (1967). He formed the Microtonal Blues Band that recorded Journey to Bliss (1968), containing the six-movement eponymous title-track. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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