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Here Are The Sonics (1965), 6.5/10 Links:

(Translated by Nicholas Green from my original Italian text)

The Sonics were one of the most original and violent garage-rock bands of the 1960s. Hailing from Seattle, they basically established the look and mythos of punk: lead singer Gerry Roslie made history as the most maniacal screamer since Little Richard, and Rob Lind's tenor sax wrecked more than one amp with its devastating blasts. Their wild classics are The Witch (1964), Psycho, Strychnine, and the growling rhythm and blues number Shot Down (anticipating punk rock). The first three of these gems came from their legendary debut Here Are The Sonics (Etiquette, 1965), which was followed by singles The Hustler (1965) and Cinderella (1965), and their subsequent album Boom (Etiquette, 1965). Introducing The Sonics (Jerden, 1966) melancholically closed their career. In their heyday the Sonics were comparable to such Black shouters as Howling Wolf.
The Ultimate Sonics (Etiquette, 1991) is an excellent anthology.

I Sonics furono uno dei complessi piu` originali e piu` violenti del garage-rock degli anni '60. Provenienti da Seattle, imposero di fatto il look e la mitologia punk: il cantante Gerry Roslie passo' alla storia per le urla piu` maniacali dopo Little Richard, il sax tenore di Rob Lind sfascio` piu` di un amplificatore con i suoi devastanti barriti. I loro selvaggi classici si chiamano The Witch (1964), Psycho, Strychnine e il ringhiante rhythm'n'blues Shot Down (che anticipa il punk-rock), le tre perle del primo storico Here Are (Etiquette, 1965), seguiti dai singoli Hustler (1965) e Cinderella (1965) e dall'album Boom (Etiquette, 1965). Introducing (Jerden, 1966) chiuse malinconicamente la loro carriera. Nel periodo d'oro i Sonics erano paragonabili agli shouter neri, come Howling Wolf.
Here Are the Ultimate (Etiquette, 1991) e` un'ottima antologia.
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