White Noise

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US-born David Vorhaus, raised to the classical avant-garde, formed White Noise in London with electronic pioneers Delia Derbyshire (possibly the first female electronic musician) and Brian Hodgson. This was one of the earliest electronic groups, featuring all sorts of analog electronic keyboards. An Electric Storm (Island, 1969) was recorded by a trio that had extensive experience with the techniques of tape manipulation, but wanted to create "songs" as opposed to abstract music. In fact, the ethereal/acid space lullabies Love Without Sound, My Game of Loving and Firebird evoke the United States Of America. Unfortunately, the insistence on using vocals, even in centerpiece The Visitation (11:45) and in the jam/collage The Black Mass - An Electronic Storm in Hell, detracts from the magic of the soundscapes.

Vorhaus kept the White Noise moniker alive for his subsequent albums: Concerto for Synthesizer (1974), Re-Entry (1988), Inferno (1990), Sound Mind (2000).

Derbyshire was more famous as the composer of soundtracks, starting with the theme for the television series Doctor Who (1963).

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