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Jimmy Bell's Still in Town (1976), 6.5/10

Ohio's 15-60-75 (also known as the "Numbers Band"), fronted by vocalist and guitarist Robert Kidney, recorded one of the most creative albums of deranged blues-rock, Jimmy Bell's Still in Town (june 1975 - Warner, 1976).
Tracks: Animal Speaks, About The Eye Game, Narrow Road, Thief, Jimmy Bell, About Leaving Day.

After a seven-year hiatus, they released 2 (Water Bros, 1982) the single Here in the Life (Hearpen, 1983), Among The Wandering (1987), the live album Blues by the Numbers (Reedurban, 1991) and Hotwire (Reedurban, 1992).

After another long hiatus, Kidney reformed the Numbers Band for Inward City (Hearthan, 2009) and Endure - Outliers on Water Street (2020).

Coal Tattoo (ReR Megacorp, 2013) was credited to the Kidney Brothers (Robert and Jack), while Jackleg (Exit Stencil, 2016) was Robert Kidney's first solo album.

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