Bryan Adams
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The teenage idol to take up the scepter left by Paul Anka in Canada was Bryan Adams. The former Sweeney Todd singer signed a one-dollar contract to record his first single, Let Me Take You Dancing (1979), which became a minor nightclub hit. The albums Bryan Adams (A&M, 1980) and You Want It You Got It (1982) began to build the personality of the romantic rocker la Rod Stewart and to propose a white soul to the rhythm of hard-rock in passionate ballads with soap-opera lyrics. Cuts Like a Knife (1983), making use of guitarist Keith Scott above all, found the right formula, that of Cuts Like A Knife and Straight From The Heart , archetype of his romantic epos.

His career culminated with the album Reckless (seven million copies sold in the space of a few years) and his hits Heaven (his most passionate ballad, sung on a martial piano progression) and Run To You (with the most biting riff of his career), the nostalgic Summer Of '69 and the virulent rhythm'n' blues It's Only Love.

With Into The Fire (1987) the singer attempted to rebuild his reputation as a "socially aware" artist. On Waking Up The Neighbors (1991), which sold ten million copies in the space of a few years, the triumph is instead of the mature and sedate "crooner", a sort of less throaty Rod Stewart, and then Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Do I Have To Say The Words and I Do It For You (one of the most best sellers of all time). Please Forgive Me (1993) was yet another sentimental hit.

So Far So Good (1993) collects the hits.

Adams' career lost altitude with 18 Till I Die (1996), despite the Latin serenade Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman, the hard-rocking The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me, We're Gonna Win and Your Underwear, the loud ska beat of Do To You (reminiscent of the Blues Brothers' Someone to Love) and melodies that evoked past Adams' hits (Star).

On A Day Like Today (1998) was truly terrible. Adams seemed to have lost both his melodic skills and his rocking soul.

Bare Bones (2011) was an acoustic album including old songs.

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