Algarnas Tradgard
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Framtiden (1972), 7/10

Algarnas Tradgard were late hippies from Sweden who concocted the puzzling and oddly orchestrated suites of Framtiden Ar Ett Svavande Skepp Forankrat I Forntiden/ The Future is a Hovering Ship Anchored in the Past (1972 - Silence, 2006). The six-member band played all sorts of acoustic and electric instruments (including synthesizers) and alternated between King Crimson-ian jamming, Pink Floyd-ian fugues, exotic chamber music a` la Third Ear Band and freak-outs a` la Red Crayola. The album runs the gamut from the frantic and loud Rings of Saturn to the hypnotic and funereal The Future is a Hovering Ship Anchored in the Past, and culminates with the acrobatic sonic montage of Two Hours Over Two Blue Mountains with a Cuckoo on Each Side, of the Hours.

The unreleased 1974 album was eventually released as Delayed (Silence).

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