Terry Allen
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Juarez (1975), 6.5/10
Lubbock (1979), 7/10
Smokin' The Dummy (1980), 6.5/10
Bloodlines (1983), 6/10
Amerasia (1990), 6/10
Human Remains (1996), 6.5/10
Salivation (1999), 6/10

Terry Allen, born in Kansas but raised in Texas, debuted with the acoustic album Juarez (Fate, 1975), a soundtrack to an imaginary film, whose somber ballads sustain a mood and a dramatic tension despite the spare, piano-based arrangements (Cantina Carlotta, There Ought To Be A Law Against Sunny California). Allen matured as a musician with the nostalgic double album Lubbock (1979), a stylitic tour de force (encompassing blues, tex-mex, honky-tonk, etc) that contains some of his most lively vignettes: New Delhi Freight Train, High Plains Jamboree, Pink And Black Song, Amarillo Highway, Thirty Years War Waltz, The Beautiful Waitress.

The singles Cajun Roll (1979) and Whatever Happened to Jesus (1979), and the highlights from the powerful, eclectic and demented Smokin' The Dummy (1980), such as The Heart Of California, Whatever Happened to Jesus, Cocaine Cowboy, Cajun Roll, Night Cafe, crowned the creative outpour of the 1970s, but the following decade turned out to be much more subdued, as Allen focused on his second career as a multimedia artist.

The gospel-tinged Bloodlines (1983), with Gimme A Ride To Heaven Boy, the singles The Arizona Spiritual (1983) and Cocktail Desperado (1986), and the film soundtrack Amerasia (1990), did not amount to much. The concept album Human Remains (Sugar Hill, 1996), which contains the autobiographical and self-incriminating After The Fall (about the excesses of the hippy era), and the satirical Salivation (Sugar Hill, 1999), an indictment of organized religion, returned Allen to his favorite sport.

The Silent Majority (Fate, 1992) collects rarities.

The Daevid Allen Weird Quartet's Elevenses (Purple Pyramid, 2016), Allen's last sessions, featured Don Falcone on keyboards, Michael Clare on bass and the Muffins' Paul Sears and Trey Sabatelli on drums. The double-disc Stoned Innocent Frankenstein (Gas, 2016) collects alternate mixes of Allen's first album.

Allen then began a new life as a maker of multimedia narrative installations such as Youth in Asia (1990) and Dugout (2004).

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