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Larry Blackmon's Cameo were a large funk combo from New York that debuted with Johnny Melfi's Find My Way (1976) and the album Cardiac Arrest (1977), containing Rigor Mortis (1977) and Funk Funk (1977). After a series of straightforward funky hits, such as It's Serious (1978) and I Just Want To Be (1979), and albums such as Cameosis (1980) that topped the charts, they moved to Atlanta, shrank to a five-piece, and adopted a more electronic sound: She's Strange (1983), Attack Me With Your Love (1985), Single Life (1985), Word Up (1986), Candy (1986), Back And Forth (1986), They were the only veterans to still dominate the funk charts in the 1980s. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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