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Comus were one of England's underground bands that dealt with the folk revival from a psychedelic and classical perspective. First Utterance (Pye, 1971 - Earmark, 2005) employed viola, violin, flute, oboe, guitar and percussions, distributed among six members, to craft complex songs such as Diana, Drip Drip, Song To Comus, The Bite, The Prisoner that hark back to the Middle Ages but also comply with the canon of Canterbury's progressive-rock. The three-part suite The Herald is possibly their masterpiece. Roger Wootton's growling vocals (a` la Family's Roger Chapman) added an evil dimension to their sordid tales of murder, rape and witchcraft.

Their second album, To Keep From Crying (Virgin, 1974), featured Lindsay Cooper (Henry Cow) and Didier Malherbe (Gong) but, surprisingly, was far less adventurous and sounded like so much hippie-folk of the 1960s.

Song To Comus: The Complete Collection (Castle Music, 2005) is a 2cd-set that reissues First Utterance with the first single and bonus tracks.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Claudio Vespignani)

I Comus furono uno dei complessi dell'underground britannico ad occuparsi del revival folk da una prospettiva psichedelica e classica. First utterance (Pye, 1971) impiegava viola, violino, flauto, oboe, chitarra e percussioni, distribuiti nei sei elementi, per confezionare brani complessi come Diana,Drip drip, Song to Comus, The bite, The prisoner that hark back to the Middle Ages, che comunque aderivano ai canoni del progressive-rock di Canterbury. La suite in tre parti The Herald si puo` considerare il loro capolavoro. Il grugnito vocale di Roger Wootton (simile a Roger Chapman dei Family) contribuiva alla dimensione malefica delle loro sordide storie di assassini, stupri e stregoneria.

Il loro secondo album, To keep from crying (Virgin 1974), comprendeva Lindsay Cooper (Henry Cow) e Didier Mahlerbe (Gong), ma sorprendentemente, era molto meno avventuroso e suonava come tanti altri complessi folk-hippie degli anni '60.

Comus reformed four decades after the fact and released Out Of The Coma (Coptic Cat, 2012), that contains three new songs and the only (live) recording of their 16-minute Malgard Suite (with a young Lindsay Cooper on bassoon). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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