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Gilgamesh were a progressive-rock quartet, vaguely related to the Canterbury school and comprised of Alan Gowen (keyboards), Phil Lee (guitar), Jeff Clyne (bass) and Mike Travis (drums). Gowen had played in Sunship with guitarist Allan Holdsworth. Gilgamesh (Caroline, 1975) is a competent display of baroque jazz-rock (particularly in the ten-minute three-part suite One End More).
Phil Lee and Alan Gowen revamped the line-up with the inclusion of Hugh Hopper on bass for Another Fine Tune You've Got Me Into (Charly, 1978), but the pompous and icy instrumentals (Play Time, Underwater Song) rarely display any emotional value. The ten-minute Theme For Something Else is the highlight.
Arriving Twice (Cuneiform, 2000) collects material recorded by Gilgamesh in 1973-75.

Alan Gowen (keyboards), Hugh Hopper (bass), Elton Dean (sax), Dave Sheen (drums) formed Soft Head, explicitly dedicated to Soft Machine, and recorded the five jams of Rogue Element (Ogun, 1978).

Pip Pyle drums on Soft Heap (Charly, 1978), that presents the same leading trio of Gowen, Hopper and Dean.

Elton Dean, John Greaves and Pip Pyle will play on the "reunion" album A Veritable Centaur (Impetus, 1995).

Gowen then joined National Health and will die in 1981 after recording Before A Word Is Said (1981).

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Claudio Vespignani)

I Gilgamesh furono un quartetto di prgoressive rock vagamente imparentato con la scuola di Canterbury, consistente in

Alan Gowen (tastiere), Phil Lee (chitarra), Jeff Clyne (basso) e Mike Travis (batteria). Gowen aveva suonato nei Sunship col

chitarrista Allan Holdsworth. Gilgamesh (Caroline 1975) è uno sfoggio competente di jazz-rock barocco (in modo particolare

nella suite in tre parti di 10 minuti One end more).

Phil Lee e Alan Gowen rabberciarono la formazione con l’inclusione di Hugh Hopper al basso per Another fine tune you’ve

got me into (Charly 1978), ma gli strumentali freddi e pomposi (Play time, Underwater song) difficilmente mostrano una

valenza emozionale. L’apice è Theme for something else, di 10 minuti.

Arriving twice (Cuneiform 2000) raccoglie materiale registrato fra il 1973 e il 1975.

Alan Gowen (tastiere), Hugh Hopper (basso), Elton Dean (sax), Dave Sheen (batteria) formarono i Soft Head, una dedica

esplicita ai Soft Machine, e registrarono le cinque jam di Rogue element (Orgun 1978).

Pip Pyle suona la batteria su Soft Heap (Charly 1978), che presenta lo stesso trio composto da Gowen, Hopper e Dean.

Elton Dean, John Greaves e Pip Pyle suoneranno sul disco della riunione A veritable centaur (Impetus 1995).

Successivamente Gowen si unirà ai National Health e morì nel 1981 dopo aver registrato Before a word is said (1981).

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