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Isotope were formed by guitarist Gary Boyle at the peak of the jazz-rock phenomenon.

The fusion offered by the quartet on Isotope (Gull, 1974) was not particularly original. Illusion (Gull, 1975) added bassist Hugh Hopper to the line-up, but the results were still mediocre at best (Hopper's Golden Section stands out). The band dissolved after Deep End (Gull, 1976), which was actually beginning to show some ideas, at least in the mix of electronic and electric sounds.

Gary Boyle's solo albums basically continued Isotope's mission: The Dancer (Gull, 1977), that employs four keyboardists (Zoe Kronberger, Dave MacRae, Robin Lumley, Rod Argent), Electric Glide (Gull, 1978), and Step Out (Intercord, 1980) tried hard to invent a new way to jazz-rock fusion. Triple Echo (Jazz, 1994) was instead recorded by a simple guitar-bass-drums trio.

Golden Section (Cuneiform, 2008) contains rarities from 1974-75.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Gianluca Mantovan)

Gli Isotope furono formati dal chitarrista Gary Boyle all'apice del fenomeno jazz-rock. La fusion del quartetto su Isotope (Gull, 1974) fu poco originale. Illusion (Gull, 1975), malgrado il nuovo bassista Hugh Hopper, diede di nuovo risultati al massimo mediocri (spicca la Golden Section di Hopper). La band si sciolse dopo Deep End (Gull, 1976), che tuttavia mostro' qualche idea, almeno nel missaggio di suoni elettronici ed elettrici. Gli album solo di Gary Boyle continuarono in sostanza la missione degli Isotope: The Dancer (Gull, 1977), con quattro tastieristi (Zoe Kronberger, Dave MacRae, Robin Lumley, Rod Argent), Electric Glide (Gull, 1978), e Step Out (Intercord, 1980) tentarono disperatamente una nuova via di fusion jazz-rock. Triple Echo (Jazz, 1994) fu invece registrato da un semplice trio chitarra-basso-batteria.

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