Carolyne Mas
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Carolyne Mas, nata a New York, venne considerata una Springsteen in gonnella per merito di ballate passionali come Sittin' In The Dark e Thomas Dunson's Revenge e un mordente stile blues-rock su Carolyne Mas (Mercury, 1979), prima del naufragio fisico e morale che la ridusse a vagabondare negli slum.

After releasing Hold On (1980) and Modern Dreams (1981), she survived an attack by someone who stabbed her and tried to kill her (1986). After a long hiatus, she released Action Pact (1989), with Sittin' in the Dark, Reason Street (1993), with Driving on the Radio, Brand New World (2005), recorded in 1999, Beyond Mercury (2003), that contains both old and new songs.

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