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Kate and Anna McGarrigle are singer-songwriters from Montreal (Canada), who were discovered by Maria Muldaur (Kate's Work Song, 1973) and Linda Ronstadt (Anna's Heart Like a Wheel, 1974).

The sister's first album, Kate And Anna McGarrigle (Warner, 1976), features guests Lowell George, David Grisman and Tony Rice, and a few of their classics: Kate's Kiss and Say Goodbye, Anna's Heart Like a Wheel, Talk To me Of Mendocino, Travelin' On For Jesus, Jigsaw Puzzle of Life.

Dancer With Bruised Knees (Warner, 1977) has Dancer With Bruised Knees and First Born. Pronto Monto (Warner, 1978) and Entre La Jeunesse Et La Sagesse (Kebec, 1980), reissued as French Record (Hannibal, 1981), were still robust efforts but lacked the gems of the first album.

Love Over And Over (Polydor, 1982) tried to incorporate more of a rock sound (Move Over Moon), whereas Heartbeats Accelerating (Private, 1990) relaxed and smoothed out the folk style, straddling the sensibility of new-age music (Heartbeats Accelerating, Love Is, I Eat Dinner, St James Hospital).

Matapedia (Rykodisc, 1996) marked a return to their folk roots, and The McGarrigle Hour (1998) is a humble effort, a collection of covers and old songs, an album for their family (Loudon Wainwright) and friends (Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris).

Kate McGarrigle died in january 2010.

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