Kan Mikami

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Kan Mikami debuted in the early 1970s as an experimental and political folksinger. Bang (1974) was heavy on electronics and free-jazz.

After a long hiatus, Mikami started recording again albums such as Arashi Ame Arashi (1998), 13/4,900,089,658 (2000), Lesbos (2002) and 1979 (2003). Kan Mikami's music felt like avantgarde country ballads sung in an irreverent tone but, in reality, it was simply Anglosaxon folk, blues, funk and jazz music filtered through the lens of enka music. To it he simply added quirky vocal impersonations.

The double-disc 19 Years 2 Months 16th Night (PSF, 2005) documents a live 1970 performance. Bachi (Turtle's Dream, 2005) documents a live 2003 performance.

Kan Mikami also fronted the free-jazz trio Sanja with Toshi Ishizuka on drums and Masayoshi Urabe on saxophone that released Musen/ Izu (PSF, 2006).

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