Millie Jackson
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Millie Jackson's career was entirely dedicated to love paranoia of one form or another. Millie Jackson (1972) contained the pop ballad Ask Me What You Want but revealed her gospel-like roar. Hurts So Good (1973) was another pop tune, but on Caught Up (1974), a concept album (produced by Brad Shapiro) based on a dramatic analysis of adultery, she blended angry raps and erotic whispers: Jackson played the "wife" on the first side, and the "lover" on the second. The saga continued on two more albums, while Jackson's lyrics (and stage act) became more and more explicit, even obscene in Phuck You Symphony (1979).

She repeated that routine year after year, but her songs were banned from the main radio stations. The quality of her singing remained impressive, but the songwriting was mediocre at best. Even Hard Times (1982) and Extra Sexual Persuasion (1984), the best albums of the 1980s, sounded like parodies. It took Between The Sheets (2000), a quarter of a century after her revelation, to revitalize her career.

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