Eddie Money
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Eddie Money (real name: Mahoney), a New Yorker relocated to Berkeley, was a diligent follower of Bruce Springsteen's and Bob Seger's blue-collar rock when he debuted with Eddie Money (Columbia, 1977), an album that spawned the hits Two Tickets To Paradise and Baby Hold On. Life for the Taking (Columbia, 1978) and Playing for Keeps (Columbia, 1980) did not duplicate the success, but they refined the formula of melodic, over-produced album-oriented rock that flirts with mainstream pop. The formula worked on No Control (Columbia, 1983), that gave him two more hits: Think I'm In Love and Shakin'. Where's the Party (Columbia, 1985) was a lousy copy of the best-seller, but Can't Hold Back (Columbia, 1986) managed to strike the right balance between hard-rock, pop and ballad with Take Me Home Tonight. For a few years, Money continued to offer unassuming power-ballads and collections of well-tested power-rock cliches: Nothing to Lose (Columbia, 1988), with Walk on Water, the single Peace in Our Time (1989), Right Here (Columbia, 1991), with Heaven In The Backseat.

After drug rehabilitation, Money returned with the mediocre Love and Money (Wolfgang, 1995) and Ready Eddie (ManCMC, 1999).

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