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The New Rhythm And Blues Quartet (better known as NRBQ), formed in 1967 in Florida, is a skilled and brillant combo (Terry Adams on keyboards, Joey Spampinato on bass, Donn Adams on trombone, Keith Spring on saxophone) that rode the nostalgia movement of the 1970s without sacrificing a very personal, irreverent, eccentric approach to the pop, blues, jazz, and country traditions.

They debuted as the ultimate roots-rock band with NRBQ (Columbia, 1969) and Boppin' the Blues (1970), a rockabilly album. Scraps (Kamasutra, 1972), which introduced Al Anderson on guitar, is possibly their masterpiece (It's Not So Hard, Magnet, Howard Johnson's Got His Hojo Working), and Workshop (1973) is a close second (RC Cola And A Moonpie).

The quartet's maturity was marked by All Hopped Up (Red Rooster, 1977), with Tom Ardolino on drums, which features Ridin' In My Car and a free-jazz version of the Bonanza soundtrack, At Yankee Stadium (Mercury, 1978), which remains their most famous album (Green Lights), Kick Me Hard (Red Rooster, 1979), Tiddlywinks (1980), with Me And The Boys and Never Take The Place Of You, and Grooves in Orbit (Bearsville, 1983), with Rain At The Drive-In, albums that alternate gorgeous pop melodies, forceful rockers, and charming crossover ballads. They routinely played both jazz, blues, country and folk festivals.

Tapdancin' Bats (Rounder, 1983) collects unreleased tracks. Lou And The Q (Rounder, 1981) is a collaboration with Lou Albano. She Sings They Play (Rounder, 1985) is a collaboration with country singer Skeeter Davis. Uncommon Denominators (Rounder, 1986) is a career retrospective.

Following several live albums and compilations, Wild Weekend (Virgin, 1989) was the first studio album in almost a decade, and quite a disappointing one.

Peek-A-Boo (Rhino, 1991) is a career retrospective. Honest Dollar (Rykodisc, 1991) is another live album. Stay With We (Columbia, 1993) compiles early material.

Message For The Mess Age (Rhino, 1994) marked their return to form, although mainly as a pop band.

In the meantime, Adams released his first solo album, Terrible (New World, 1995), an all-instrumental work that belongs more properly to jazz music.

Your Nice People You Are (Rounder, 1997) Gotta Be Loose (Rounder, 1998) Ridin' In My Car (Rounder, 1999) NRBQ (Rounder, 1999) Atsa My Band (Big Notes, 2002) Music's Been Good To You (Big Notes)

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