Pavlov's Dog
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Pavlov's Dog (David Surkamp on vocals, David Hamilton on Keyboards, Doug Rayburn pn mellotron and flute, Mike Safron on percussion, Rick Stockton on bass, Siegfried Carver on violin and viola, Steve Scorfina on guitar) was a progressive-rock group from St Louis (Missouri) whose first album, Pampered Menial (ABC Dunhill, 1975), contained gentle songs arranged with classical-sounding instruments. At the Sound of the Bell (CBS 1976), with Mike Safron and Siegfried Carver replaced by Bill Bruford, was considerably less interesting, and St Louis Hounds (Hounds 1977) and Lost In America (Telectro 1990), released under different names, were rather uninspired. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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