Ras Michael

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Ras Michael, who also performs as Dadawah, was one of the original musicians of the Rastafari Movement, and specializes in Nyabinghi percussion and chants. He debuted with Nyanbinghi (), which was also later included in Peace & Love + Nyahbinghi (). Michael recorded 8 albums in his first five year span, and though he slowed down, continued to record albums often throughout the 80's and 90's that would prove influential to the ska genre.
Nyanbinghi (Trojan, 1974)
Dadawah - Peace & Love + Nyahbinghi (Trojan, 1974)
Peace and Love (Trojan, 1975)
Rastafari (Greensleeves, 1975)
Tribute to the Emperor (Trojan, 1976)
Kibir Im Lak (Greensleeeves, 1978)
Movements (Dynamic Sounds, 1978)
Rastafari Dub (Crocodisc, 1979)
Disarmament (Trojan, 1981)
Revelation (Trojan, 1982)
Love Thy Neighbour (Jah Life, 1984)
Zion Train (SST, 1984)
Rally Round (Shanachie, 1985)
Glory to God (VP, 1992)
Spiritual Roots (VP, 1999)
Lion Country (Roots & Culture, 1999)

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