Simply Saucer
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Formed in 1974 by guitarists and vocalists Edgar Breau, Canada's Simply Saucer played psychedelic rock of a kind that bordered Brian Eno's early albums (courtesy of John LaPlante's electronic keyboards) and Syd Barrett's lunatic pop (courtesy of the leader's acrobatic vocals). In 1976 LaPlante was replaced by guitarist Steve "Sparky" Parks and the sound turned to garage-rock and punk-rock. The group disbanded after the single She's A Dog (1978), the only record ever released by the group in their lifetime.

Some 1974 sessions surfaced posthumously on Cyborgs Revisited (Mole, 1989 - Fistpuppet, 1991) and created a sensation. The catchy psychedelic-folk ballad Electro Rock, the glam-rock atmosphere of Nazi Apocalypse, the surf-psychedelic instrumental Mole Museum, the surreal electronic folk ballads of Here Come the Cyborgs, and the Rolling Stones-ian shuffles Bullet Proof Nothing and especially Dance the Mutation. They predated Modern Lovers, Devo and Pere Ubu, and frequently matched MC5's power.

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