Chip Taylor
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New York's songwriter Chip Taylor began recording melodic rock tunes under his real name, Wes Voight: Another Guy's Line (1959), I Want A Lover (1959), I'm Movin' In (1959), I'm Ready To Go Steady (1959). Adopting his new name, Chip Taylor turned to ballads such as Here I Am (1961). He then recorded an album with Al Gorgoni, credited to Just Us, I Can't Grow Peaches On A Cheery Tree (1965), and two albums with Al Gorgoni and Trade Martin, Gorgoni, Martin & Taylor (1971) and Gotta Get Back to Cisco (1972). In between, he had written Wild Thing (1966) for the Troggs and Angel Of The Morning (1968) for Merilee Rush. During the heydays of singer-songwriters, Taylor released his two best albums, Gasoline (1972) and especially Last Chance (1973). After This Side Of The Big River (1975), Somebody Shoot Out The Jukebox (1976), with Hello Atlanta, and Saint Sebastian (1980), he abandoned music and became a professional gambler. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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