Ali Farka Toure
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Mali's blues guitarist Ali Farka Toure debuted at 37 with Farka (1976) and became a star when he was almost 50 with Ali Farka Toure (1988), a collection of originals, including the lengthy Amandrai, and African Blues (1990). He carved a niche in the territory of Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder with The River (1990), that adds saxophone and fiddle and scavenges the ancient repertory of Mali (no compositions are Toure's), The Source (1991), which abandoned the solo format for a real band and guest stars, Talking Timbuktu (1994), a collaboration with Cooder, the traditional Radio Mali (1996), and Niafunke' (1999). Each album is carefully sculpted, and dedicated to African themes.

Red And Green (2005) collects two rare recordings. Boulevard De L'Independence (2004) was a collaboration with Toumani Diabate's Symmetric Orchestra. In The Heart of the Moon (2005) is a series of duets with Diabate (on kora). Savane (2006) was his last album, perhaps his most organic work.

Toure died in 2006.

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