King Tubby
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Osbourne Ruddock, better known as King Tubby, started his own sound system "Home Town Hi-Fi') in 1968, which the following year added disc-jockey U Roy (Edwart Beckford).

While Tubby was working as a recording engineer, he accidentally discovered the appeal of stripping a song of its vocal track. Carl Patterson's Psalm Of Dub (1971) was the first dub record. In 1972 Ruddock bought a two-track tape recorder and experimented with reverb and other effects. When he got together with producer Lee "Scratch" Perry, Blackboard Jungle (1973), credited to the Upsetters, was born: the first stereo "dub" album. It was a Copernican revolution: the engineer and the producer had become more important than the composer. During the next two years, Tubby perfected his home studio recording, particularly with and echo delay device. In 1974, Tubby started a collaboration with Bunny Lee that led to his most inspired productions, The Roots of Dub and Dub From The Roots. Tubby mostly improvised at the mixing board, as if it were an instrument. His remixing work became more and more radical, leaving almost nothing of the original song.
a collaboration with melodica player Augustus Pablo led to the hit Baby I Love You (1975) and another seminal work, King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown (1976).
Tubby raised an entire generation of recording engineers, who went one to become innovators of Jamaican music, such as Prince Jammy (Lloyd James), soon to become a trendy producer, and Scientist (Overton Brown).
King Tubby was murdered in 1989.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Andrea Marengo)

Osbourne Ruddock, meglio conosciuto come King Tubby, fond˛ il suo sound system Home Town Hi-Fi nel 1968, nel quale aggiunse il dj U Roy (Edward Beckford) l'anno seguente.

Mentre Tubby lavorava come ingegnere acustico, scoprý per caso il fascino dello smontare le parti vocali di una canzone. Psalm Of Dub (1971) di Carl Patterson fu il primo album dub. Nel 1972 Ruddock compr˛ un registratore multitraccia per due nastri sperimentando il riverbero ed altri effetti. Quando si riuný con il produttore Lee "Scratch" Perry nacque Blackboard Jungle (1973) attribuito agli Upsetters: fu il primo album dub in stereo. Fu una rivoluzione Copernicana: l'ingegnere del suono e il produttore diventavano pi¨ importanti del compositore. Durante i due anni seguenti, Tubby perfezion˛ le sue registrazioni in studio a casa propria, specialmente le apparecchiature per gli echi e i delay. Nel 1974 tubby inizi˛ una collaborazione con Bunny Lee che diresse le sue produzioni pi¨ ispirate, The Roots Of Dub e Dub From The Roots. Tubby improvvisava generalmente sul mixer come se fosse uno strumento musicale. Il suo lavoro di missaggio divenne sempre pi¨ radicale, ma non metteva da parte quasi nulla della canzone originale.

Una collaborazione con il suonatore d melodica Augustus Pablo port˛ al successo Baby I Love You (1975) e un altro lavoro seminale, King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown (1976).

Tubby promosse un'intera generazione di tecnici del suono che divennero innovatori della musica giamaicana, quali Prince Jammy (Lloyd James), che divenne presto un produttore alla moda e Scientist (Overton Brown).

King Tubby venne ucciso nel 1989.

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