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One of the most derivative and least original hard-rock groups of the early 1970s, and later the epitome of melodic metal, UFO debuted with Ufo (Beacon, 1970) and Flying (Beacon, 1971). Scorpions guitarist Michael Schenker joined for Phenomenon (Chrysalis, 1974) and made the difference: Doctor Doctor and Rock Bottom (with Schenker's best solo) established the band among the reigning live heroes of the era. Force It (1975), that includes the stately anthem Between the Walls (with mass-like choir), and No Heavy Petting (1976) speculated on that formula and Lights Out (1977) finally broke throught the charts (Love To Love, Lights Out). After recording Obsession (1978), possibly their best work (Only You Can ROck Me, Looking Out For No 1), Schenker quit and re-joined Scorpion. No Place To Run (1980) and The Wild The Willing And The Innocent (1981) are even worse than the previous ones. The band will keep reuniting for many years. Beginnings (Airline Records, 2009) is a compilation of the early years. (Translation by/ Tradotto da Davide Ricciariello)

no dei pi— derivati e meno originali gruppi Hard Rock degli ultimi anni '70 e ,in seguito,epitome del metal melodico,gli UFO debuttarono con Ufo (Beacon ,1970)e Flying (Beacon 1971).Il chitarrista degli Scorpions Michael Schenker entr• nella band per Phenomenon (Crysalis ,1974)e fece la differenza:Doctor,Doctor e Rock Bottom consacrarono la band fra gli eroi live regnanti dell' epoca.Force It (1975)e No heavy petting(1976) specularono sulla loro formula e Lights Out finalmente sfond• nelle classifiche ( Love to Love,Lights Out).

Dopo aver registrato Obsession(1978) ,probabilmente il loro lavoro migliore (Only you can rock me,Looking Out for No 1),

Schenken ritorn• negli Scorpions .No Place To Run (1980) e The Wild The Willing and the Inoocent (1981) sono ancor peggio dei precedenti.La bend rest• unita per molti anni.

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