After Dinner
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Formati a Osaka nel 1982 dalla cantante Haco, ed esorditi con il singolo After Dinner/ Cymbals at Dawn (Kagero, 1982), gli After Dinner furono un po' gli Art Bears giapponesi. After Dinner (RecRec, 1984) e specialmente Paradise Of Replica (Recommended, 1989 - Recommended, 2001) delimitano la loro arte sperimentale di nastri e strumentazione estesa, di cabaret e Kurt Weill. Haco canta come una Dagmar Krause influenzata dall'haiku. Il gruppo si sciolse nel 1990.

Haco has released Haco (ReR, 1995), a largely improvised work that uses pre-recorded tapes of cellist Tom Cora, percussionists Samm Bennett and Peter Hollinger, plus studio work from three Japanese musicians (mainly on traditional Japanese instrumentation). it includes the heavily syncopated new-wave dance Unguarded, the surreal trio of voice, flute and percussion Would You Like Some Mushrooms, the exotic lieder A Fragment, the nocturnal lounge croon of Ice, the swampy lullaby Oil And Water.

Haco's Dagmar Krause-ish vocals also dominate Happiness Proof (P-Vine, 1999 - Detector, 2000).

Ash In The Rainbow is Haco's collaboration with cellist Hiromichi Sakamoto.

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