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Belgian synth duo a;GRUMH... (Phillippe Genion and Jacques Meurrens) played industrial dance music a` la Front 242 and Skinny Puppy on the mini-album Mix Yourself (1985) and on the albums Rebearth (1986) and No Way Out (1986). A Chud Convention was a collaboration with Skinny Puppy's Kevin Crompton and Nivek Ogre, documented on the mini-album Sorrow (1986). After Black Vinyl Under Cover (1987) and Bloody Side (1988), they found commercial success with the songs Ayatollah Jackson, off The Price is Right (1989), and C.B.B., off A Hard Day's Knight (1989).

Genion was also active as Polar Praxis and Theee Rebearth Corporation.

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