Anne Anxiety
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Annie Anxiety (Annie Bandez O'Connor), originally a chanteuse of Crass-inspired hardcore punks, migrated from the pseudo-industrial music of Barbed Wire Halo (1981) to the futuristic dub-dance of I'll Lie In Your Arms (1987), via the mildly experimental album Soul Possession (1984). After many singles and the compilation Short, Sweet And Dread (1994), Anxiety (who had become "Little Annie" in 1992), Bleach (Italic, 2003) and Songs From the Coal Mine Canary (Durtro, 2006) sounded like sets of random and amateurish sketches of songs.

State of Grace (Tin Angel, 2012) was a collaboration between Baby Dee and Little Annie, aka Anne Anxiety, with the latter getting the lion's share of action and Baby Dee mostly accompanying on keyboards.

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