Balancing Act
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I semi-acustici Balancing Act, un incrocio fra i CSN&Y piu` sognanti e i Violent Femmes piu` stralunati, sono un ensemble folk di Los Angeles formato dai cantautori poli-strumentisti Jeff Davis e Steve Wagner, che pennellano acquarelli surreali come Wonderful World Tonight (1986), Red Umbrella (1987), Kickind Clouds Across The Sky (1987), Generator (1988) e Fishing In Your Eyes (1988), in cui fondono avant-jazz e armonie vocali folk. Three Squares And A Roof (Primitive Man, 1988) e` forse l'album migliore.

Jeff Davis later formed Niagara, which released 01 (Bliss, 1998), a mostly overlooked album that was instead catchier than anything the Balancing Act did.

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