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Blurt were the vehicle for British poet, vocalist, saxophonist Ted Milton. The single My Mother Was A Friend (1980), the live, raw album In Berlin (1980), the single Fish Needs A Bike (1981), the first studio album Blurt (1982), the single The Ruminant Plinth (1983), and the live album Bullets For You (1984) refined a unique style of progressive-rock that coupled an insistent, emphatic tribal drive with disjointed and angular free-jazz jamming. A new line-up, still centered upon sax and guitar, recorded Poppycock (1986) and Smoke Time (1987), with The Body That They Built To Fit The Car. During the 1990s Milton occasionally reformed Blurt and recorded Pagan Strings (1992), one of their most virulent albums, Magic Moments (1995) and Celebrating The Bespoke Cell Of Little Ease (1999). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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