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Sweden's Candlemass, formed by bassist Leif Edling, singlehandedly invented "epic" doom-metal on Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (1986), that still featured original vocalist Johan Lanquist, and especially Nightfall (1987) that codified their style of crawling tempos, huge melodic bass lines (Leif Edling), quasi-mystical guitar harmonies (Lars Johansson) and deeply-emotional operatic vocals (Bror "Messiah" Marcolin).

The decline was rapid, via Ancient Dreams (1988) and Tales of Creation (1989). Marcolin left the band before Chapter VI (1992).

They reunited more than a decade later and released Candlemass (2005) and King Of The Grey Islands (Nuclear Blast, 2007), featuring Robert Lowe of Solitude Aeturnus. That line-up recorded Death Magic Doom (Nuclear Blast, 2009), that recycled their stereotypes in Hammer Of Doom, The Bleeding Baroness and House Of 1000 Voices. Psalms For The Dead (Napalm, 2012) was another mediocre imitation of their classic style, adapted to the high-tech sound of the new century.

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