Deutsche Amerikanische Freundschaft

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Deutsche Amerikanische Freundschaft were formed in Dusseldorf by electronic musician Robert Gorl and Spanish vocalist Gabi Delgado. They debuted with the icy, dissonant, chaotic collage of Produkt Der (Ata Tak, 1979), enhanced with Nazi and homosexual fetishism, more akin to the no wave of the USA than to the German school of progressive and cosmic rock. Die Kleinen Und Die Boesen (Wintrup, 1980) was not quite as hostile, but it still sounded intimidating.

The duo, relocated to London, abandoned the experimental overtones of those albums for a sort of minimalist synth-pop, that turned Alles Ist Gut (Virgin, 1981) into a moderate success. By bridging Depeche Mode, glam-rock and industrial music, Sato-Sato and Der Rauber Und Der Prinz appealed to the alternative discos, while the devastating overkill of Der Mussolini had few rivals at the time.

The duo pursued that path with an even harder edge on Gold Und Liebe (Virgin, 1981), possibly their best album. Liebe Auf Den Ersten Blick, Ich Will and Goldenes Spielzeug complete the evolution towards an existential dance music, while Absolute Kvrperkontrolle and especially Verschwende Deine Jugend predate the massive rhtyhms of electronic body-music. The casual tone of Fuer Immer (1982), the album with In The Jungle Of Love and Kebab Dreams, heralded the end of the band.

Goerl released the solo album Night Full Of Tension (Mute, 1984). D.A.F. briefly reformed to record the house album 1st Step To Heaven (1985).

Goerl returned in the 1990s with the albums Electric Marilyn Repeat The Beat (Hangman, 1991), Psycho Therapie (Disko B, 1994), Watch The Great Copycat (Disko B, 1996), Sexdrops (Disko B, 1998), Final Metal Pralinees (Disko B, 2000).

The duo reunited for DAF's Funfzehn Neue DAF Lieder (Universal, 2003).

Das Beste Von D.A.F. (Mute, 2009) is a career retrospective of the British period.

Delgado-Lopez died in 2020 at the age of 61.

I Deutsche Amerikanische Freundschaft di Gabi Delgado-Lopez e Robert Gorl vennero alla ribalta nel 1979 con Ein Produkt (Art Attack), un collage disorganico, frammentario, inconcludente di schizzi strumentali in uno stile che e` al tempo stesso futurista (suonata in maniera approssimativa, naif, anarchica) e primitivista (strumenti elettronici e ritmi meccanici). Stabilitisi a Londra e ripulito il sound degli eccessi piu` sgradevoli, dal 1980 in poi i D.A.F. si avvicinarono progressivamente al ballabile e al synthpop attraverso gli album Die Kleinen Und Die Bosen (Mute), Alles Ist Gut (Virgin) e l'ultimo, piu` sperimentale o perlomeno eclettico, ma non profetico, Fuer Immer.
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