Die Todliche Doris

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German trio Die Todliche Doris, who debuted with an album titled " " (1982), were not terribly interested in making or playing music, although they did produce something approaching a dissonant mixture of prog-rock, free-jazz, disco-music and industrial noise with a punk nihilist stance. Their real mission rested with Dada's absurdist/provocative and John Cage's aleatory/gestural strategies. For example, Unser Debut (1984) and Sechs (1986) contained tracks of the same length: they were supposed to be played at the same time on two turntables in order to obtain the real album, the "invisible LP" or Die 9. Unsichtbare LP

Kinderringellreihen Fur Wharen Toren Des Grals (Psychedelic Pig, 2002) collects rarities. Angeldust (2002) collects all the early cassettes (1980-84).

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