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After debuting with Starting Over (Brand X, 1985 - Drag City, 2011), Dwarr, i.e. South Carolina multi-instrumentalist Duane Warr, delivered a classic of 1970s exploitation with Animals (BrandX, 1986 - Drag City, 2011): Animals is a the Jimi Hendrix-style soul-rock ballad; Cannabinol is a Cream-style shout and jam; Chocolate Mescaline is a panzer litany a' la Black Sabbath; etc. The main strength of the album is variety: there are also the prog-rock melodrama of Ghost Lovers, the "Chinese" instrumental Time, and the abstract piece Lucky Star. Its main weakness, of course, is that Dwarr does not excel at any of the styles in which he dabbles. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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