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ESG , 5/10

ESG was a combo led by three singer-percussionist sisters (Renee`, Marie and Valerie Scroggins) in the New York of no-wave and minimal funk. Between 1981 and 1982 they penned bizarre dance tracks such as Moody (their debut single), the lunatic instrumental UFO and the sleepy hypnotic You're No Good (1981). Their EPs were compiled on Come Away (99Records, 1983 - Soul Jazz, 2006).

ESG (Pow Wow, 1991), their first real album, was a bit of a letdown, but the EP Sample Credits (Nega Fulo, 1992) compiled long tracks in the old vein.

A South Bronx Story (Universal Sound, 2000) is a summary of their career.

The ESG reunited to record the double album Step Off (Soul Jazz, 2002), followed by the lame Keep On Moving (2006).

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Carmine DeMatteis)

Gli ESG erano una band capeggiata da tre sorelle al canto e alle percussioni (Renee’, Marie e Valerie Scroggins) nella New York della no-wave e del funk minimale. Tra il 1981 e il 1982 scrissero bizzarre canzoni dance come Moody (il loro singolo di debutto), la forsennata strumentale UFO e la sonnolenta ipnotica You’re No Good (1981). I loro Eps furono inseriti nella compilation Come Away (99Records, 1983 - Soul Jazz, 2006).

ESG (Pow Wow, 1991), il loro primo vero album, fu un po’ deludente e sottotono, ma l’EP Sample Credits (Nega Fulo, 1992) conteneva canzoni lunghe nel loro vecchio stile.

A South Bronx Story (Universal Sound, 2000) è una summa della loro carriera.

Gli ESG si sono riuniti per registrare il doppio album Step Off (Soul Jazz, 2002), seguito dal traballante Keep On Moving (2006).

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