Fat Boys

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Fat Boys (Sutra, 1984), 6.5/10
The Fat Boys Are Back (1985), 5/10
Big & Beautiful (1986), 4/10
Crushin' (1987), 6/10
Coming Back Hard Again (1988), 4/10

The Fat Boys from New York were the madly comic trio of Mark "Markie Dee" Morales, Damon "Kool Rock-Ski" Wimbley and Darren "Buff" Robinson. Discovered and managed by the Swiss-born promoter Charles Stettler, they debuted as the Disco 3 with the single Reality (1983). Fat Boys (Sutra, 1984), produced by Kurtis Blow, was one of the first albums of hip-hop, and one of the first to feature "human beatboxing" (done by Buff). It contains the eight-minute Jail House Rap (probably their artistic peak), Can You Feel It? and Fat Boys. The Fat Boys Are Back (1985), also produced by Kurtis Blow, contains The Fat Boys Are Back, Pump It Up and Hard Core Reggae. Big & Beautiful (1986), the first one not produced by Blow, was vastly inferior. Crushin' (? ? - may 1987) was their biggest commercial success, one of the albums that made hip-hop a mainstream genre, thanks also to a collaboration with the Beach Boys, Wipe Out, a feat repetead the following year by The Twist, a collaboration with rocker Chubby Checker, off Coming Back Hard Again (1988).

Buff died in 1995. Markie Dee died in 2021.

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