Fossil Aerosol Mining Project

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The Chicagoan collective named Fossil Aerosol Mining Project released several cassettes of noise, collage and ambient music, later compiled on Cassette Recordings 1983-1995 (Afterdays Media, 2005). They reformed in 2004 and suddenly became a very prolific act, mainly relying on old material, like on Mutations And Synthetics (2008). Decades Of Fake Resurrection (2011) compiles material from 1986 - 2011. Very Early Fragments (2012) used again old material as the source for new compositions.

Three Days At Qurna (2013) contains the majestic crescendo of nerve-wracking drones Account and the subliminal pulsating debris of Passage. Alas, other pieces (like the mutant Third Day) sound amateurish or unfinished.

There are intriguing ideas on What Is The Light Of (2013), but they are stretched out and thin a bit too much. The abrasive nine-minute Respect for the Mechanism, the 12-minute Another Length of Wire and the 13-minute Truth Consciously begin with haunting drones and/or dissonance but quickly descend into trivial and self-indulgent doodling. Nonetheless, the humbler 16-minute collage of found sounds From the East - April 1980 achieves an almost spiritual dimension.

17 Years In Ektachrome (2014) manipulates and recycles old cassette recordings.

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