Barbara Gogan
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Barbara Gogan: Wheels/ Ruedas
Goldfish: Dust

Barbara Gogan venne alla ribalta in uno dei tanti complessi del dark-punk, i Passions, il cui sound depresso, angoscioso e poco melodico si distingueva da quello "goticizzante" dei loro concorrenti. Le atmosfere inquietanti di Michael And Miranda (Fiction, 1980) costituivano in effetti un ponte fra il nichilismo del punk-rock e il romanticismo del dark-punk. Le litanie di Thirty Thousand Feet Over China (Polydor, 1981) acquistarono un minimo di musicalita` grazie a canzoni come I'm In Love With A German Film Star e Bachelor Girls. Il singolo Africa Mine completo` la transizione e porto` al sound levigato e sofisticato di Sanctuary (Polydor, 1982).

L'irlandese Gogan si trasferi` a New York e poi a Paris, dove incontro` il compositore Hector Zazou. Collaborera` a quasi tutti i suoi dischi da Sahara Blue (Made To Measure, 1992) in poi e verra` accreditata come co-autrice di Made On Earth (Crammed, 1997), un disco che a tratti fa ricordare le cose migliori di Jane Siberry and Kate Bush, cosi` come del successivo Lights In The Dark (Detour, 1999).

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Barbara Gogan released her first solo album later in her career, after a number of distinguished collaborations and projects in the realm of avantgarde music. Wheels/ Ruedas (Gogan, 2002) is a 74-minute monolith that belongs to the category of new-age music in that it "promotes relaxation and revitalization of the human body", but is more closely related to Robert Ashley's spoken operas of the 1970s. The first seven tracks are spoken meditations on the seven "chakras" (or "wheels") accompanied by a slow, majestic, organic flow of electronic and natural sounds (birds, water, children, Tibetan monks). These are followed by the instrumental version of the same seven tracks. Each piece exhibits a cinematic quality: the celestial, slowly developing "om" of Roots / Raˇces, the pastoral vignette of Hearth / Hogar, the guitar reverbs of Carnival / Carnaval, the disjointed percussions and Heart / Coraz˘n, the animal voices of Calling / Llamando, the crickets and cosmic waves of Mind / Mente, the pure liquid tones of Return / Vuelta. Each sounds like a documentary, portraing the spiritual growth of the soul as well as the passing of time and the ever changing universe.

Dust (Lulu, 2003) is the first output of Gogan's new project, Goldfish, a duo with guitarist Stephen Wright. This two-CD project comprises seven brief compositions for vocals, guitars and laptop (notably the hallucinated rant with mind-bending distortion of Patty Smith) and a multimedia piece, Electric Firefly.

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